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Activity Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Booking Changes and Cancellations
Once you have made a booking and it has been confirmed, cancellation charges apply if you are unable to attend. Should Pro-Dive Central Coast be unable to fill your position on the allocated day you may lose your booking completely.

  • If we are able to change your booking the following fees will apply as a minimum and may vary between suppliers.
  • Requests to change or cancel a booking within 24 hours of the confirmed date will often result in the forfeiture of the entire booking.
  • An administration fee of $45 will be charged to booking changes where there is greater than 7 days to the confirmed date.
  • Changes within 7 days of the confirmed date will be subject to a $45 administration fee as a minimum.
  • Changes within 48hrs of the confirmed date will be charged a $50 administration fee as a minimum.
  • Cancellation within 24 hours will result in a forfeiture of the entire fees paid unless a replacement booking can be found.

If for reasons outside of our control (weather, availability etc) Pro-Dive Central Coat P/L cancel the experience, we will contact you as soon as possible to organise another suitable time.

All experiences unless expressly mentioned in the experience details are supplied excluding transportation to and from relevant venues.

Experience Pictures
The pictures are used as an indication only of the experiences. The venues, dive sites, vehicles, vessels, settings, and craft may vary.

Scheduled dates
Courses are scheduled twelve months in advance. It is your responsibility to arrange your schedule to fit into one of the scheduled dates.
Should you not be able to fit onto a scheduled course, we can make a separate course to suit you at an extra cost. Phone for details.

Pro-Dive Central Coast P/L provides all information regarding any restrictions that may apply in the gift pack i.e. minimum age, health or any other restriction.
Please read through your gift pack material on receipt and contact us within seven days of receipt if the experience is not suitable.

Certain experiences supplied by Pro-Dive Central Coast P/L may be unsuitable or require alternate arrangements for individuals with a disability. We are happy to make any such practicable arrangements on your behalf. Please make us aware of any such disability on ordering your experience.

All experiences are subject to availability so it is advisable to book at least 3 weeks in advance. Longer advance bookings are recommended for peak times including weekends and holidays.

The Weather

Certain experiences are subject to weather conditions. If in the event the experience is cancelled due to unsuitable weather conditions, an alternative booking will be made available.

ex HMAS Adelaide dives

To confirm your booking, a deposit equal to the charter fee is required.
Payment for any hire equipment can be finalised on the day of the dive.
It is necessary to call ProDive on 02 4389 3483 for a weather check between 4pm and 5pm the day prior to the dive.
If the dive is cancelled due to poor weather, then all monies will be refunded or transferred to another day.
It is necessary for you to give ProDive at least 72 hours notice should you need to cancel or transfer your booking.
Failure to do so will incur a cancellation fee of $100.00
If cancelled or transferred within 24 hours, full payment is forfeited.
Divers require as minimum certification, PADI Open water with a minimum of 10 dives post course and two dives within six months of diving the Adelaide.
Divers will be medically and physically able to complete the dives
All equipment used will be in good working order. Each diver has their own personal dive computor and will plan their own dives along with their dive partner.
Failure to board the dive boat for your allotted dive time, will result in forfeiture of your payment.
Not diving due to a cold, sea sickness, fatigue, faulty or missing items or any other reason is not an excuse for a refund or transfer of monies paid.
The dive boat departs from Terrigal Haven. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to departure, for kit up and briefing.

Group bookings
Person booking group, will assume all responsibility to inform group members of booking conditions.

If you are unsatisfied with your experience on the day, please bring it to the attention of  the management on the day. It is important you do this so that both parties have immediate access to a solution. Our ability to offer an adequate solution after the day is often limited, if this is not done.

All ProDive Central Coast vouchers are issued subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of each supplier prior to the consumption of such service. ProDive Central Coast P/L holds no authority or influence over any supplier, or their operations.

ProDive Central Coast P/L has no liability for any damage or loss caused by any negligent omission or act of any service provider or third party.
ProDive Central Coast P/L has no liability for any act, default or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, of any service provider.
Where ProDive Central Coast P/L liability cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the voucher purchased.

Other Information
All Prices are in Australian dollars, include GST and are correct at time of publication.
ProDive Central Coast  P/L reserves the right to change prices without notice.
Any change in price will be communicated before an order is placed.

ProDive Central Coast P/L selects suppliers carefully and is associated with world class affiliates. However ProDive Central Coast P/L can not guarantee the satisfactory performance or the safety standards of any of our suppliers.

This web site contains the most up to date version of our terms and conditions and supersedes any previous version whether online, print or any other version.

The images, illustrations, and text contained within this web site are protected by copyright and must not be replicated in whole or part unless given the express permission of ProDive Central Coast Pty Ltd.

Minimum Requirements- BOAT DIVES

All customers booking to dive with PRODIVE MUST show proof of certification (through their relevant training agency) to the minimum level required for that trip before they are able to embark onto MV Snappy Tom. If you are unable to provide proof of certification, you will not be allowed to board the vessel and may forfeit all monies paid for that trip.

For any cancellation with more than 72 hours notice, will incur a $25 administration fee or alternate days offered. All monies are forfeited for cancellations inside 24 hours prior to departure. Where PRODIVE cancels events, full refunds or alternatives will be offered.

PRODIVE reserves the right to refuse to provide diving and dive related activities where a customer is deemed by staff to be unfit to participate. Refunds will be made at PRODIVE's discretion.

Please read the following. By continuing with the Internet booking you accept the terms stated below. In consideration of PRO DIVE permitting me to participate in scuba diving, snorkelling and any other water sport activity (including instruction in any of these activities whether in or out of the water or on any vessel) (collectively or severally referred to as 'Activities') I agree as follows.

Express acceptance of risk
1.1 I confirm that the answers I have provided in this form are true and correct and that Pro Dive has relied on these answers in allowing me to participate in the activities.
1.2 I personally and voluntarily assume all the risk for any harm, trauma, injury or damage that I may suffer to my person or my property whether foreseen or unforeseen in connection with the activities.
1.3 I certify that I have been advised of the inherent risks associated with the activities and I voluntarily choose to participate in the activities fully accepting that such risks, should they arise, may cause injury, death or property damage and in particular I acknowledge I have been advised that:
1.3.1 Diving with compressed air involves certain risks such as decompression illness; embolism, other hyperbaric injuries ries and such injuries may result in death or serious incapacity.
1.3.2 The injuries of the type referred to in clause 1.3.1 may require treatment in a recompression chamber or other medical facility.
1.3.3 The activities may be conducted at a location that is remote either in time and/or distance from a medical facility.
1.3.4 Scuba diving and snorkelling are physically demanding activities that may cause personal injury, trauma, or death.
1.3.5 Scuba diving involves the use of equipment that may malfunction giving rise to the risk of injury, trauma, or death.
1.3.6 Snorkelling and scuba diving may involve exposure to the elements such as, storms, wind, tide and naturally occurring events, as well as harmful marine life.

Release discharge & indemnity
2.1 I unconditionally release and discharge Pro Dive from all liabilities, claims and causes of action that may occur from any act, omission, default, failure or error on the part of ProDive (including any negligent act, omission, default, failure or error) occurring wholly or partially during the course of the activities.

3.1 I agree to indemnify and keep indemnified ProDive from any liability, claim or cause of action that may be brought against ProDive as a result of or in connection with any act, omission, default, failure or error on the part of Pro Dive (including any negligent act, omission, default, failure or error on the part of ProDive occurring wholly or partially during the course of the activities).
3.2 I agree that ProDive will not be liable for and waive any right to claim any loss or damage, personal injury, death, economic loss or consequential loss whether in tort, in contract, under statute or otherwise, for any default, failure, negligence or error on the part of ProDive.
3.3 If despite these terms, it is found that Pro Dive is liable to compensate me then such liability is limited to the cost of providing the services in respect o f which the liability arises.

Parent / Guardian undertaking
4.1 Where this form is signed by the parent or guardian of a minor (being a person under the age of 18 years), then the parent or guardian warrants that the information contained in this form is true and correct and personally covenants in the terms of this waiver, release and indemnity.

Statement of understanding
5.1 I acknowledge that I have read and understood the matters set out in the above document.
5.2 I acknowledge that the conditions set out in this document are contractual in nature, are intended to have legal effect and are not merely a warning or recital.
5.3 I have agreed to this document of my own free will and without representation or inducement by Pro Dive; it's agents or employees.

Booking/Cancellation Terms and Conditions.
All customers of PRO DIVE participating in diving-based activities must complete this form. Signing this form in person or electronically represents confirmation of booking, acceptance of terms and conditions when booking on the telephone or Internet also represents confirmation of booking.

Vessel Pickup Points
6.1 Vessel departing from Norah Head
Meet at top carpark- outside Rescue base front gate in Maitland street.
6.2 Vessel departing from Terrigal Haven
Meet at top of Eastern Boat ramp in haven carpark
6.3 Vessel departing Ettalong
Meet at boat ramp carpark, corner of The Esplanade and Kourong Street

By reading this information, electronically or in person, I have understood and accept these terms and conditions.
All the information provided is true to the best of my knowledge




For any Cancellation, a minimum $25 fee is applicable.
Any changes to the bookings need to be notified either in person or phone as soon as practicable.

See details below:
PRODIVE Central Coast
Contact No: 02 4389 3483
Mobile No:   0414 435 483
Fax No:       02 4388 1414