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Adelaide update

Well, she's ready to make that final journey. The ex HMAS Adelaide, sitting alongside at Glebe island now has had a court ruling.


The decision is:
1. Adding the following to condition 2 to the permit as originally granted:
(e) the ship must be cleaned of all remaining wiring, including junction boxes, which might be associated with polychlorinated biphenyl's;
(f) the ship must be cleaned of all canvas and insulation;
g) the ship must be cleaned of all exfoliating and/or exfoliated red lead paint;

2. Adding to the section on Sediment Quality in the Long Term Monitoring and Management Plan:
(a) a provision that two sites within the hull are to be added to the sites to be sampled for lead;
(b) a provision that the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (or the Minister’s successor) or delegate may require additional sampling of lead if the results of sampling already provided for make that appropriate.

WorkCover was informed that unsafe work practices were taking place aboard the vessel, after the ruling resulting in WorkCover stopping work on the site, whilst inspections were made.

After a thorough inspection both shore and ship based- The site was deemed safe and work continued.

Valuable working time was lost plus expense was added to the project. I am certain the people who made the complaint, hoped they would get a longer delay.

Pity these people "Can't see the forest for the trees" and use their time productively to secure a better furture for themselves and their children, instead of causing grief to everyone else.

At last meeting- Work was progressing along without further delaying attempts.























The trimmed Adelaide, with most deck machinery removed and diver access ports cut through her hull.