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Dive the Adelaide

Dive the Ex HMAS Adelaide

The ex HMAS Adelaide has been underwater now for some time and the artificial reef is forming quite nicely.

It is quite intriguing watching the animals go about their daily life but, more interesting is the regenerative powers of the marine world when after a violent storm, the marine life gets to work rebuilding.

There are still many more new dive sites to dicover, but the hero dive site is the ex HMAS Adelaide-
Scuttled to form an artificial reef in 2011- the ex HMAS Adelaide has become a favourite dive site for divers of all experience levels.

There are arond twenty five individual dives aboard the ex HMAS Adelaide and this is just one of the tours we offer you to discover the HMAS Adelaide for yourself.

Maximum depth of this tour is twenty nine metres, with a total dive time of forty minutes.

Pro-Dive suggest you use EANx 32 for this tour and have a safety stop of, one minute at fourteen metres and then three minutes at five metres.

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