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Divemaster's are a special breed of people:

We require dive professionals who act appropriately and assist our clients in the pursuit of their diving experiences.

Customers today demand a lot more from diving professionals, simply not to give assistance when you get in or out of the boat or to check cards!

Divemaster's need to cater for all divers needs and wants, not only in the water or on the dive deck, even well after the dive is long over.

As you may be aware, many Divemaster's go on to become Assitant Instructors, then Instructors.

So, the training and experience you gain through the Divemaster program, helps shape your abilities and attitude toward becoming a professional level diving educator.

Your Pro-Dive Central Coast Divemaster program brings you to the first level of professional diving. During this program you will learn how to deal with divers, organise and participate in well-planned dives, assist clients with all their needs and make them want to come back to you, every time they think about diving.

Join our growing team-

If you feel you are just such a person, phone Bob on 02 4389 3483 to arrange an appointment- discuss your desire to become a Professional Divemaster, maybe get out of the rat race, into a part time career that you will really enjoy.