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ex HMAS Adelaide

Why is the Adelaide such an awesome place to dive?

The ex HMAS Adelaide served the Australian Navy for more than 20 years and we want to ensure its future as a major tourist attraction on the Central Coast to be just as successful. At 138.1 metres in length, the decommissioned frigate was scuttled off the NSW Central Coast on March 13th, 2011 to create an artificial reef. It took only one minute and thirty nine seconds for the Adelaide to slip below the surface and become one of the most popular dive wreck sites and newest artificial reef in Australia.

There is certainly a lot of ship to see. Just cruising around the outside of the artificial reef, the sheer size makes an awesome sight. Water temperatures range from 15C in winter to a summer high of 24 C. Visibility averages around 15 metres in Summer up to 40 metres or more is not uncommon during the cooler months. The ex-HMAS Adelaide lies in approximately 35+m of water with the bow facing towards the open ocean. The top decks lie at 25 metres and the main deck is at 29 metres while the sand is at 35+ metres.

The ex HMAS Adelaide wreck has many deck levels that lends itself to multilevel diving which maximises your dive time. We highly recommend the use of dive computers and/or multi-level dive planning. To take advantage of this fact, ProDive offers hire gear with dive computers included.

depthsw.jpgProDive have the exclusive moorings on the ex HMAS Adelaide wreck located on the main mast at 14 metres. Using this mooring you can perform a multi-level dive, ending with your safety stop at five metres. Makes finding the wreck a lot easier than descending to the sand at 34m and swimming to the wreck.

“This dive site is the first attraction of its kind in NSW and is now a world class recreational diving facility”

Diver access holes have been cut parallel to each other on either side of the hull so there are quite enough entry and exit points in all areas of the ship. Visibility at certain times of the year is quite poor, this should not adversely affect your dive as, inside the wreck very little sediment/silt has built up and this does not affect visibility greatly.

After special preparation to become an artificial reef, the ex HMAS Adelaide wreck is a relatively easy wreck to penetrate, we still recommend that only experienced divers penetrate the wreck. Before the Adelaide could be scuttled off the coast, environmental and diver safety issues had to be implemented into the design phase- Bob Diaz as a member of this group, took great interest in this issue to ensure diver safety was paramount.

One of the biggest concerns was the removal of electrical cabling all over the vessel, held in cable trays that could have fallen down creating a dangerous entanglement for divers.

The ex HMAS Adelaide wreck had to be made diver safe but, remained interesting enough for divers of varyious levels and fun to explore. Bob had visited the vessel many times during its restructuring as a dive wreck/ artificial reef and after walking through the companion ways, climbing the many ladders and squeezing past machinery, was never concerned the wreck would become a dull or boring experience.

There are still challenges with lower light level areas, machinery, bulkheads and cupboards have come adrift in the scuttling and subsequent storm that followed the scuttling.- this all adds to the enjoyment of the dive.

“Remember that all access holes lead to the outside- Divers never need to backtrack to find an external opening”.

We do however, strongly recommend that beginner divers and less experienced divers take extra precautions to further explore the ship. Why not take the next step and explore the HMAS Adelaide as a Deep or Wreck diver? The Adventure wreck and deep Dive can be attributed towards your specialty  diver rating?

Can't wait to dive a specially created artificial reef namely the ex-HMAS Adelaide? Book a dive with ProDive Central Coast today.