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Q. What if I'm already a certified diver? Do I still have to pay the full price of training package?
A. No, PRODIVE will deduct the cost of the courses that you have already completed from the final package investment.

Q. Are your First Aid and Oxygen Provider courses nationally recognized and Workplace approved?
A. Yes, you will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for the provider level- First Aid and Oxygen Administration courses. The Instructor level ratings are a little more complicated however as we can only provide nationally recognised qualifications for those candidates who hold a Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Q. Can PRODIVE arrange finance so that I can pay off my training package in installments and over what kind of timescale?
A. PRODIVE provide their own in-house finance option Scuba Now. You will pay a deposit (approximately 30% of the course fee) when you book your career program and you can pay the balance off over a 6 or 12 month period. With all finance options, conditions apply, the major condition on this offer is that you must finalise your course payment before you receive your final certification, so this option is great for those people doing their Career Program on a Part Time basis.

Q. Do many people fail the Instructor Exam and don't become instructors?
A. Failing the instructor exam is not the end of the world, the exam can be re-taken. Having said that however, our instructor training staff work very hard in order to ensure that our candidates, are fully prepared and confident in their abilities, when attending the IE. Without wishing to detract from the efforts made by the individuals involved, PRODIVE can proudly claim to have maintained the highest success rate at Sydney IE's over the last decade.

Q.  How long does it take to get to the pool and dives sites for training purposes?
A.  PRODIVE Central Coast is located in an 'iconic' seaside location literally within 2 kms of the beach and on the doorstep of several premier surfing beaches, Shelly Beach and Foresters beach, just minutes from the Dive Centres.
For our Full Time Career clients, we have our own private, indoor heated training pool which means candidates can 'practice' their skills any time they want.

Q. How can I make sure that I 'log' the minimum required numbers of dives to meet certification requirements for my Divemaster to Instructor?
A. Apart from being close to the best shore diving sites, PRODIVE operates two  govt. surveyed dive soats and one in Sydney. Candidates doing our all inclusive professional courses, have FREE access to our Central Coast boat, whenever they want to build up their diving experience (Conditions do apply).

Q. Does PRODIVE have an Assistant Instructor Course?
A. The Instructor Training Course is comprised of two separate courses, the Assistant Instructor as well as the Open Water Scuba Instructor courses. Both of these courses can be completed separately, however as it is cheaper and logistically easier to do the courses consecutively, we have found that the vast majority of candidates prefer to complete the combined program. If you do want to complete the Dive Control Specialist and Instructor portions separately, we can easily accommodate this request.

Q. What are the "Dive Theory Workshops"? Isn't there an option to learn that stuff online?
A. Quite a gap now exists between the level of theoretical knowledge needed to complete the DiveMaster course compared to that which is required to pass the Instructor Exams. To bridge this knowledge gap, you are better served by receiving personal tuition on theoretical topics as this enables ProDive to provide you with greater clarification through additional examples and alternative explanations.