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Final journey to the coast.

The ex HMAS Adelaide left Sydney harbour a little after 6 am on Monday 11th of April, 2011.

Her presence under Sydney Harbour bridge was a spectacular site and when she passed the Sydney Opera house on her journey the vision was intense.
She was escorted out of the harbour by a small spectator fleet on her final journey and eventual scuttling on the NSW Central Coast to begin a new life as an artificial reef.

The ex-HMAS Adelaide had been stripped, cleaned and made dive ready. Over the next few days, diver access holes would be completed and the navies former warship the HMAS Adelaide II, would be scuttled to become an artificial reef.

Media attention was high and all Sydney channels took the opportunity to farewell the vessel and this vision was seen all around the world. I received calls from China, Scotland and America from friends and allies also a few- not so friendly, who watched the scuttling event on their local news stations, live on television.

Check out the video below where we picked up the ex HMAS Adelaide off Palm Beach near Broken bay for her journey north.



Check out the further videos for more information of the ex HMAS Adelaide.