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Instructor Training course

Instructor Training Course

- FREE Specialty Instructor Course - Oxygen Provider

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Pro-Dive Central Coast is the exclusive SSI Diamond "Instructor Training Centre" on the NSW Central Coast providing a professional learning experience where we believe you will complete one of the finest instructor training programs available, not just New South Wales but, Australia wide.

The PRO DIVE Instructor course is your key to opening a whole new world of opportunities and experiences. You will earn internationally recognised qualifications and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to teach your family and a whole bunch of new friends, how to scuba dive. You will be able to meet people, travel to exotic locations, share your passion for the underwater world and best of all get paid to do it!

The training can be completed on either a full-time or part-time basis. Similarly, once you are qualified you will also be able to work either full-time or casually in nearly 200 countries around the world.

With our Diamond Instructor Training centre on the NSW Central Coast and four dive centre's, situated on both sides of the harbour in Sydney, PRO DIVE can easily boast has the busiest diver training network in NSW, with ample opportunity for employment and experience.


- Instructor Training Course (ITC)
- ITC Preparation
The ITC Prep will re-hone your knowledge and skills before the ITC commences so that you can focus your attention on developing new capabilities.
- ITC Plus
The PRO DIVE ITC Plus aids your preparation for the Instructor Exam as it will give you additional opportunities to test your knowledge and presentation skills as well as make you familiar with the Instructor?s Exam (IE) scheduling and logistics.
- Emergency First Aid Instructor course
- Snacks and light refreshments on dive days
+ FREE Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor Course


- Accommodation (This can be organised upon request).
- Training Materials
- Application/Registration/IE Examination Fees
- Transport to & from Pool and Open Water Training Sites (+ Pool Fees)
- Scuba Equipment Hire
- Australian Diving Medical Certificate

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ITC Duration

- 8 Consecutive days (Full Time)
- Part-time schedule available upon application

Instructor Examination

The IE is an evaluative two-day program conducted by Instructor Examiners independent from PRO DIVE.
You will be asked to demonstrate your teaching ability, rescue ability and understanding of dive theory.
The IE is pass-fail.
There is a fee associated with this exam too, which is additional to the ITC fee.

ITC's Commence
There are four ITC programs, tabled each year
Check with the Dive Centre for the available dates.

ITC Prep
The ITC curriculum is structured upon the expectation that all candidates have retained the exemplary diving skills and thorough understanding of the dive theory topics that they developed during their Divemaster training. As you may have become a little "rusty" during the intervening period, PRO DIVE'S experienced staff, will provide the tuition and coaching necessary to re-hone your skills and knowledge back to the requisite standard for the ITC.

ITC Plus
The PRO DIVE ITC Plus is an evaluation program that is conducted along identical guidelines to the Instructor Examination that all ITC candidates must attend and pass in order to become qualified Instructors. This program will provide valuable insights into how the real exam is structured especially with regards to scheduling and logistical considerations.
Familiarity with the IE structure as well as the additional opportunities to prepare and present knowledge and skill presentations and practice the theory exams will ensure that you approach the final evaluation with confidence.

React Right Instructor Course
This 2 day course includes both practical and theory presentations and will qualify you to conduct Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (First Aid) as well as Care for Children Courses. Candidates can attend the Instructor Examination without a First Aid Instructor Certification, however the qualification as an Open water Scuba Instructor will not be processed until a First Aid Instructor qualification has also been submitted.

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Our Instructor training program is intense and demanding whilst fun and exciting at the same time.
This all results in rewarding confidence leading into your Instructor Examination.