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What do you do, with that little clear box, your mask came in?

Posted by Bob on

The perfect answer is to store a few little essentials to make diving safer and easy!

You don’t want to go over the top, simply pack o few of the essentials like:
A spare dive computer
Mask strap
Fin strap
Yoke/DIN adaptor
Spare DIN insert and Allen key
Mouthpiece and cable ties
Multi Tool and small pliers.
O'ring kit with O'ring pick.

My main rule is, if it doesn’t fit, I probably don’t need it.

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Adventure Diver program

This highly sort after and quality course is designed to train persons with diving experience, in the safe use of SCUBA diving with no decompression, to a maximum depth of 30 metres. This program is divided into two sections:First section is the online theory component, comprising of information about, diving In general, the environment, navigation, deeper [...]

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Solomon Islands getaway

Solomon Islands getaway 2017 

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June is here and the weather is totally Winter!

Winter 2016As I write this- an Antarctic chill weather warning is forecast for the coast. The weather is freezing! The seas have also started to build again, I am also thinking now is the time to kick the fire into action, settle back in its' warmth and enjoy a few drinks.To some better news, now [...]

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Instructor Crossover program.

Dive Instructors are just about everywhere there is water! Some are teaching and working hard, others are not!Do you want you to join a vibrant, growing dive centre whose ambition is to succeed at all levels and not sit back on their laurels waiting for the big break?Dive professionals who hold an Instructor rating from another recognised diver [...]

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Ever wanted to try something different, how about a manta board ride even talk to your diving partner underwater? These events will keep you diving plus, keep you interested enough to dive, all year round. You can easily check out events as they are set out.

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Now for the really, really big news-

ProDive Central Coast has been selected to become the coasts' representative store for Scuba Schools International-  We are very happy with this arrangement. This new direction means ProDive can now offer you, the full range of SSI recreational and XR diving courses, along with specialty diver and Instructor training programs in house. As an SSI Instructor [...]

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Liquidskin technology

I earlier read a great article about the invention of LiquidSkin technology by Mares, you can read the article below.Prior to the LiquidSkin era, the entire mask skirt was composed of a single type of silicone, which depending on the material thickness – was more or less comfortable. As a compromise, a [...]

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Five tips for navigating underwater.

1. BE PROFICIENT in compass use and navigation.When low visibility and precise navigation are factors, it is useful to be trained in these skills. This is where you should enrol in the next Underwater Navigator course. 2. BE CONSISTENT with compass use.Even when you don’t think you need to — sometimes you are mid dive [...]

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