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The coasts' economic benefit

To make a strong case for the ex HMAS Adelaide, support for the project was garnered from all fields of tourism and industry.

Bob Diaz, at this time was the vice Chairman of Central Coast Tourism. Selected earlier by sitting Board members, Bob was selected as a a "Skills based" board member, to assist the local tourism board in making decisions pertaining to, the future tourism attraction known as "The Adelaide, artificial reef".

Bob, who the next year became Chairman, held this position for two terms, advising the board and keeping strong interest, amongst the membership.

The benefit factor can be argued and guestimated, but the underlying fact is- the ex HMAS Adelaide, the navies former warship, to be scuttled as an artificial reef, was deigned to do much more for the region than simply, offer a separate dive site for divers alone.

Diver numbers were estimated at 5K, this early figure was hampered by bad weather and negative groups, keen to see the Adelaide fail. When adversity strikes positivity must prevail and with joint efforts by a vast majority of the coasts population, efforts with positive results, came to the fore. 

The argument had to be made, the debate had to take place and the facts, not fiction, no scare mongering or falsehoods were condoned. This is a fight that had to take place to convince people the Adelaide was the right thing for the coas,t to boost tourist visitor numbers, create jobs and be safe for divers and marine life alike.

People have travelled from all over Australia to dive the Adelaide. When questioned, a vast majority stated they would not have come to the region if not for ther Adelaide. many of these visiting divers have returned along with friends and relatives.

The economic value cannot be measured accurately but 5K people must spend a few dollars, their visiting family members must spend a few dollars, so the multiplying factor is certainly high. Much higher than the lower benefit of naysayers in the community.


 This presentation was delivered to an audience of 720 people at the Terrigal Crown Plaza on 24th Feb 2011.


See for yourself the beauty and wonder at the marine life- Forget the negativity, you can't please everyone, some people are born to be negative.
This is what drove supporters so hard to make this project, so amazing!