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The legal battles

Ex-HMAS Adelaide - The Legal Battles

After a long and drawn out legal struggle to begin with, the ex HMAS Adelaide is now safely on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean off the NSW Central Coast is doing exactly as she was intended;-

Attracting marine life to the newest artificial reef
Becoming a place for scuba divers the world over to enjoy
Attracting divers worldwide to a terrific tourism and economic asset for the NSW Central Coast.

The objections began when a group of residents from the seaside community of Avoca Beach suddenly and without prior (sic) warning discovered a large naval warship was to be sunk a short distance off “their” beach without "their" prior consent or "their" consultation.

This started an avalanche of controversy that lead to claims of nimbyism, false and misleading information designed to frighten and mislead Central coast residents and possibly, divide a community.

The biggest environmental problem was the removal of oil and hydraulic fluids, PCBs, Lead, Mercury and potential toxic materials. Whilst the ex-HMAS Adelaide had been specially prepared as a dive site and is relatively safe- as with any other dive, hazards do still exist-
Not forgetting the many hazards that can be present on any wreck dive.

To put a positive spin on the debacle caused by a few individuals- the following media releases from the No Ships group did more to advertise and market the Adelaide than we could ever imagine! The anti-ship group helped the Pro group to take the HMAS Adelaide to the world stage. We are forever grateful for their vain, ill informed, scurrillous and sometimes tedious efforts, that really did pay off for us, in the end.

Some of the Media releases from No Ship Action Group included;-

Warship threatens to erode Avoca Beach: further studies needed - October 20, 2010
Tribunal rebuffs Government Warship appeal - October 12, 2010
Abandon warship scuttling or do full environmental study - September 24, 2010
Tribunal orders toxins off warship - September 16, 2010
State Government happy to dump 28 tonnes of lead paint at Avoca Beach - July 8, 2010
The Castle Battles the Warship [PDF] - July 4, 2010
Don’t dump warship on whales: recycle [PDF] - June 29, 2010
State Government Squanders Money on Warship Debacle [PDF] - March 27, 2010
Warship Steals Five Metres of Beach [PDF] - March 16, 2010
World Class Surfer Teaches Tony About the Sea [PDF] - March 16, 2010
HMAS Adelaide threat to Avoca homes - Coasting Magazine 17–03–2010
Scuttled ship would wreck bay: residents - Sydney Morning Herald 7

The attempt to frighten and mislead people was refuted in the tribunal. Headed by three Advocates who, unanimously agreed- the HMAS Adelaide artificial reef, would be a benefit to the community and a safe site for divers and residents alike.