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5 Steps to Using Your Compass

Mares Handy CompassBE PROFICIENT in compass use and navigation.

When low visibility and precise navigation are factors, it is useful to be trained in these skills. This is where you should enrol in the next Underwater Navigator course.


BE CONSISTENT with compass use.

Even when you don’t think you need to, sometimes you are mid dive before you realise you need to figure out your bearings.


LOOK BEHIND YOU on the first part of your dive.

This helps you see how things will look, as you head back.



Your sense of direction is more likely to be inaccurate than your compass.



Even skilled navigators mess up sometimes, so plan for it!

Should you come up away from the trail line, in a current for example, have your surface signaling devices handy. Ascend to five metres, inflate your SMB to allow the boat crew to easily spot you and monitor your position. This will also provide you with a point of reference for your safety stop.

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