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About Pro-Dive Central Coast

Living on the NSW Central Coast is a given, for clean healthy living, a great lifestyle and great place to raise a family.  After working as an Instructor for a local Dive shop and teaching people to dive, Bob and Tina decided to branch out on their own and fill a niche gap for local divers, that really meant "Lets take people diving"!

Being a member of a local dive club for many years, fulfilling many roles in the club as Safety officer, vice President, Editor and Boat maintenance crew, along with boat driver and Dive convenor, meant we already had a feel, for what divers desired and knew we had to take a stand and give divers what they really wanted!

We opened the doors to our very own Dive centre "Central Coast Divers" at Long Jetty in September 1987. It seems like a long time ago now, but we still have very vivid memories, so etched into our minds, I can still remember our very first sale!

Early infancy, saw Tina and I in a small store front, no larger than 4m x 12m. We were able to cram in a Lecture Room, Showroom and Workshop along with a small office space. We would still try to fill up the corners.

You would be surprised how well we coped. We took great pride in our little store.

With our two young sons, Tony who was one year old and Ben who was almost three, we managed to run our business and keep our family together, quite well considering the hardships. Our early days comprised of diving, lecturing, filling tanks and servicing dive gear. We even organised dive getaways every three weeks to different locations, up and down the coast.

After becoming quite adept at all this, Tina and I decided our next venture was to expand. Pro-Dive International came for a visit one day and we soon got around to talking about a ProDive franchise. Tina and I both agreed that if we wanted to grow, we needed to have a bit of back up and decided there and then, to take the plunge- so to speak!

ProDive Central Coast was established in July 1990 and we were now associated with a long established organisation with its beginnings dating back, to 1969.

Our early maxim was to concentrate on diver training and customer enjoyment with a firm belief that profits would come later.

It was challenging in the early days to encourage the local people of the Central Coast to try a recreational activity in an area ranked highly as one of the best diving locations in Australia with its diversity and beauty. Many dive store owners had tried and many more had failed, so what could we do, differently?

Well, for a start we didn't try to sell people gear, we didn't try to harangue people with leaflets, we simply took people diving!

This simple philosophy stood us in good stead with the local diving population, and as a result we are profitable, not only in monetary terms, but business ethics and in the lifelong friends, we have made along the way.

Our competitors have tried to mimic our operation, however they lacked the skills and knowledge to really understand that divers needs are very different to any other recreational activity.

This up front, ingrained concentration on customer service and commitment to quality, allowed Prodive Central Coast to increase its humble beginnings at Long Jetty to become the first PADI "Training facility" on the NSW Central Coast. These earlier successes allowed Pro-Dive Central Coast, to relocate to larger premises in The Entrance, where we stayed for just shy of, twenty years. It was at this location, we established the first PADI Five Star Instructor Development facility on the Central Coast, before the need to expand even more, took hold.

We decided to leave The Entrance township amd relocate to our present location at Killarney Vale, in 2007.

Here with a 125 square metre showroom, separate lecture room, lounge area for clients, overnight Guest lodge, three internal toilets and a two separate bathrooms for after dive showers. Secure off street parking, secure gear washing and storing areas, plenty of open garden space to chill out in and relax.

With an up to date, modern SCUBA gear servicing work shop, on site SCUBA tank testing facilty, Air purity testing, Enriched Air and Trimix fill station, along with three compressors- One compressor dedicated to producing Nitrox with a DNAx membrane.

We also built our exclusive indoor, heated, purpose built 3 metre deep, diver training pool to alleviate any concerns with rushing confined water training or being disturbed by other swimmers.

Consistently maintaining an enviable reputation as, the friendliest and definitely longest established 5 Star Diver training  Centre on the New South Wales Central Coast, is no mean feat. We are consistently looking at ways, to improve our service.

People have tried to bring us down, but this only strengthens our resolve and bolsters our determination, to better ourselves. Our proven track record tells the truth.

This commitment has enabled ProDive Central Coast to maintain its status as, the premier Dive Centre at the premier dive location, on the East coast of New South Wales, Australia.

ProDive Central Coast operates charter vessels, regularly diving the local reefs and wrecks, from three different boat ramps. We offer weekly escorted shore dives and regular night dives, monthly club events and social meetings.

With most dive sites only minutes from a boat ramp, you can be assured of an enjoyable experience, visiting our underwater playground.

ProDive Central Coast have 429 dive sites. This means you will never be crowded out with other dive boats, or fishing boats detracting you from your pleasures.

As an exclusive mooring licence holder to the former scuttled warship ex HMAS Adelaide, we still offer scheduled charter  dives to the "ex-HMAS Adelaide", departing from Terrigal boat ramp.

2016 saw ProDive Central Coast take on a further leadership role and become an SSI, Diamond Instructor Training Centre.

Bob Diaz has maintained professional association with world wide, highly recognised training agencies as a Master Instructor since 1986 and teaches all core programs from scuba diver to Assistant Instructor/Dive Con, including Instructor ratings.

Bob also teaches twenty nine different specialty dive programs, many of these are his own distinctive ratings. Along with Tony, a Master Scuba Diver Trainer / Instructor Trainer, they lead the only father and son dive instructor training team, on the coast.

This commitment to quality, along with international support, sees ProDive Central Coast way out in front, as the vanguard of diver education on the NSW Central Coast.

Come along and enjoy a dive with us. See for yourself the beauty that awaits all divers in our region, whilst enjoying the variety of sites and fascinating marine life, that is quite accustomed to local divers.

The ex HMAS Adelaide is a prime dive site along the NSW coastline. You can be assured that ProDive will be there, offering you excellent customer care and quality controls.

 In 1986 we started with this mission statement and we still continue today-

"Let's Go Diving!"