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Alternate Air Source

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Mares Air Control Octopus

The alternative air source from Mares, Air Control, offers the option to use the same hose for the octopus and inflator. The preoriented mouthpiece makes it a suitable substitute for an octopus and the ergonomic shape allows one-handed use!
$349.00 incl GST
$295.00 incl GST

Mares Loop Octopus

Accompany the unique Loop 15X regulator with the innovative Octopus Loop.
$210.00 incl GST
$179.00 incl GST

Mares MV Octopus

Light weight and compact, the MV is the ideal octopus! Easy-to-use on the right or left, it is reliable and offers natural breathing thanks to its Natural Breathing System.
$189.00 incl GST
$169.95 incl GST

Mares Prestige Octopus

The latest technologies for easy, natural breathing at any depth are featured in the Prestige octopus! Includes a soft, easy to use purge and VAD system!
$219.00 incl GST
$185.00 incl GST

Mares Rover Octopus

This medium-sized octopus made of technopolymer features a cover made of soft material so that the purge button is easy to push. With a VAD system and Fluid Dynamic Deflector it offers natural, effortless breathing.
$179.00 incl GST
$159.00 incl GST