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Assistant Instructor

$1,295.00 incl GST
There is a strong demand in the recreational scuba industry for passionate individuals who can share their love of the sport and the underwater world with others.
Manufacturer: SSI

As a ProDive qualified Divemaster, you are now ready and about to embark upon a marvellous journey, to become a Pro-Dive Assistant Instructor. 
You are about to discover there is quite a difference between the two levels!

During your time as a ProDive Divemaster, you were responsible for running dive trips, giving dive briefings at the dive sites and of course, leading dives. 

Now, you are about to step up to a higher level- 

There is a strong demand in the recreational scuba industry for passionate individuals who can share their love of the sport and the underwater world with others.

SSI Open Water Instructors are the backbone of the dive industry, teaching new divers to safely explore the underwater world, providing introductory courses to those who are considering
a scuba certification, and teaching continuing education programs that create life-long and enthusiastic divers.

This program trains you to be a well-prepared, versatile and marketable dive professional, with the ability to provide high quality training to entry-level and experienced divers alike.

It is intended to be a fun and challenging learning experience that will present you with new skills and knowledge that will increase your abilities as a dive professional.

You are expected to ask questions and to take an active role in the training process. Your basic dive skills and knowledge will be rehoned and tested as you develop into a capable and professional dive leader.

Assistant Instructors are authorised to teach selected portions of the Open Water Diver program and selected dive  Specialties, under the indirect supervision of an SSI Instructor. To become an effective Assistant Instructor, you must accept the role and engage responsibility of being, a dive professional.

During the program, you will learn how to become an effective asset to SSI Instructors, whilst assisting in the Open Water Diver program, and conducting Snorkelling, Scuba Skills Updates and Try Scuba pool experiences on your own.

All of our training programs, regardless of the level, are based upon our signature training method — the SSI Diver Diamond — Dive Professional Training, is no different. 

Proper Knowledge

Knowledge replaces fears and fantasies with correct information. During your Assistant Instructor program, you will acquire the specific knowledge to handle student questions and concerns about diving.

Proper Skills

Your dive skill levels will be heightened and challenged. You will be required to know how to control new students during training exercises and respond to their needs.

You will begin to understand the commitment we must take, to make students comfortable and competent in the underwater world.

Proper Equipment

At this level a Total Diving System will take on a totally different meaning. You will learn about ProDives’ Merchandising Policy and how it plays an important role in customer development — instructor uniforms, training equipment and the dive stores inventory. 

Proper Experience

Gaining the knowledge, skills and equipment to become a respected Pro-Dive Assistant Instructo is only one part of the journey.  

Teaching and demonstrating, is the only way to gain the actual experience. All PRO-Dive Professional programs are designed to be home study. The candidate must be competent to read the manual and answer all of the review questions online.

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