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Adventure diver

Adventure diver
This highly sort after and quality course is designed to train persons with diving experience, in the safe use of SCUBA diving with no decompression, to a maximum depth of 30 metres.

This program is divided into two sections:

First section is the online theory component, comprising of information about, diving In general, the environment, navigation, deeper diving techniques, swimming in a current and perfecting your bouyancy.

The comprehensive on line manuals, contain a wealth of information and well worth the cost alone!

DiveSSI provides you with more information and knowledge development than any Instructor lead lectures or short video can provide, in a limited time period, generally offered.

The second portion is the practical training with a minimum of four hours underwater completing five dives.

The on-line training package includes:
PDF Manuals
Quick Quiz and Exam (open book)

Upon successfully completing the Adventure diver program you will receive:

SSI International Diver Certification
On-line logbook
Diver certification D card


Minimum 15 years old.
Completed and passed the academic section Quick Quizzes.
Have a minimum of 4 hours logged underwater whilst using open circuit equipment.
Have a recognised Open Water Diver certification from a recognised training agency.

Cost of this program is $295

Check out the link to the Adventure diver course and enrol today.
Select Pro-Dive Central Coast as your dive centre and start learning today.