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Blog posts of '2017' 'August'

To Flash or not to flash?
With the advent of digital cameras in the nineties, I was so impressed that underwater photography was now within the financial reach of all divers. I took to the idea of manipulating photographs to look good. I loved the fact all divers would get the same enjoyment that I did, taking underwater photographs. I went head over heels and jumped in both feet and arms.
XR Foundations
The XR Foundations program is designed to close the gap before any extended range diving, tech diving, technical or whatever diving commences. The new word "tec reational" is very apt- the training process takes the every day diver and develops a better qualified diver . You learn the basics of deeper, longer diving then graduate to different dive equipment, such as drysuits, backplate and wings, long hose regulators and redundant systems.
What to do with the plastic box my mask came in?
Keep a scuba spares kit handy and you'll be ready for anything Murphy can throw at you!
Learning to Scuba Dive
Learning to scuba dive is easy and can be undertaken by anyone, young and old, who are willing and dedicated to learn and make the investment for this adventure sport.