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What sort of diver, do you see?

I was reading an article a while back and something struck me as odd!

I note there are a few distinct groups of divers withdistinct areas of readiness to dive about them.

The first are the new recreational divers.
They get to the divesite early, eager to dive albeit a bit terrified, they wait around for someone to tell them what to do, put their gear together and chat to each other, trying to ascertain diver experience to see who they can tag along with. 

The next group are the somewhat experienced, maybe travelled diver, who often arrives just in time or a little late, races to get their gear ready, or may have already set their gear up the night before and tossed it into the back of their car, ready to just shove their gear onto the boat- This group almost always, have a coffee in hand or looking for the toilet one minute before departure time. 

The third group are the somewhat experienced, meaningful divers, carrying twins, sidemount, big cylinders, equal sized stage bottles, drysuit, gloves, rock boots and zippered hood, with a shiteload of stainless steeel double ended clips, hanging off everything! Even carry a couple of spare clips on their crutch strap d ring just in case!

Then their is the fourth group the techies.  When I watch "tech divers" plan their dives, they go ever every little detail of the dive. Their equipment is much better than I see somewhat experienced divers use, they have higher quality regulators, that obviously breathe better at depth but also shallower.

New divers are great, they have all new shiny dive gear, some divers look like travelling steel merchants with all the bling in stainless steel, they carry. Still better be safe than sorry, but they did not take the time to fully go over their dive plan, I am assuming they also don't practise too many skills underwater and I wonder if thjey are capable should an incident albeit minor occur, could they deal wirth it?
I am really thinking if "technical divers" plan their dives, shouldn't recreational divers plan as well?
Also  "technical divers" have optedfor using better dive gear I.E. 
more reliable, easier to breathe regulators -
Easy to reach knives in case of entanglement
BCs that allow free movement for arms
Drysuits for greater thermal protection
Fingerless gloves:
the list goes on.
I wonder should recreational divers shun this style of equipment, because decent and reliable dive gear is just, for tech heads?
Should thery just use old fashioned, unreliable kit- ignore this advice "We don't want people to think we are tech divers"? 
My observations of newer divers and that is all this is based upon, should all divers take advantage of better equipment, newer processes and improved procedures that will increase diver safety - no matter where it originates from? 
"technical divers" have developed training, practices and procedures that have proven to save divers when things go wrong. Should recreational divers 
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