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Boat Diving

View of the HMAS Adelaide Bridge


SCUBA diving is supposed to be safe, fun and convenient, and that’s what counts with Pro-Dive Central Coast so come and enjoy the dive experience with the professionals, right here at home on the NSW Central Coast.

Located just one hour north of Sydney, midway between Sydney and Newcastle, Pro-Dive Central Coast operates daily (weather permitting) trips to the ex HMAS Adelaide and other spectacular dive sites in the area.

With our trailored dive boat we are able to launch from Norah Head, Terrigal and Davistown.  This gives us a greater range of sites to dive and shorter boat runs to increase diver comfort and minimise clients seasickness.  Our boat, "Snappy Tom" is a fast, reliable and above all very comfortable twin hulled Rigid inflatable diveboat.  Capable of carrying 10 divers and 2 crew for double dives it was custom built from the keel up specifically as a dive boat for the Australian East coast waters.

Pro-Dive Central Coast offers single and double (1 and 2 tank) dives to local reefs and local dive wrecks.  We have over 420 dive sites to visit ranging from shallow discarded wreck sites and reefs, to underwater caves, overhangs, swim throughs and offshore island reefs.

Adelaide dives depart from Terrigal Haven boat ramp next to the blue painted "Haven Seafoods" cafe and bookings are essential to ensure a spot on this popular wreck.

Besides the HMAS Adelaide we can visit over 420 numberous reefs, bommies and small caves along with shallow and deep wrecks including:

  • Galava at 51mt
  • Kiama at 45mt
  • Nerong at 43mt
  • Commonwealth at 42mt
  • Hallcaine at 45mt


Charter Fees

The below table shows our current dive charter pricing.

Dive ActivityPrice
Single Dive (Wreck/Reef) $60
Double Dive (Wreck/Reef) $120
Technical Single Dive $70
Technical Double Dive $140

Technical Dives

We can cater for technical dives and allow a maximum bottom time of 90 minutes with a minimum surface interval of 90 minutes.

Nitrox available

Besides AIR, we also provide EAN32 as a standard fill, however we are able to mix anything up to 100% O2. Please call us for your specific requirements. 


All divers will require as minimum certification (unless noted otherwise) of "Advanced / Adventure Diver" with a minimum of 6 dives post course and two dives within six months of diving the ex-HMAS Adelaide.

  • Gloves and torches are not mandatory but, highly recommended.
  • Gloves are available at the Dive centre from $5.95, the choice is yours to make. 
    Remember contact with the scuttled vessel could result in scratched or cut fingers.
  • Torches are available for hire at $25 per day.
  • Dive guides are available at $65 per person per dive. (Please arrange 24 hours beforehand)

 New COVID19 requirements.

For your safety and our staff, we will only accept divers aboard our vessel who can show proof of complete COVID19 vaccination for the time of the pandemic or until proven safe.

  • Has any person about to board the vessel, been in contact with a person who has returned from overseas in the past 14 days?
  • Has anyone about to board the vessel returned from overseas in the past 14 days?
  • Have any persons about to board the vessel been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
  • Are any person about to board the vessel, or close contacts of the anyone on board the vessel, feeling sick with fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or fatigue?
  • Has any person about to board the vessel reside or visited a noted COVID hotspot?
  • Has any person about to board the vessel travelled through or stopped in a noted COVID hotspot? 

The following guidelines apply.

Should a positive response occur, we will deny your boarding, ask you to seek a covid check and isolate for the duration required. 

A refund will be offered to people who cannot produce documentation or have ansered YES to any of the above questions, prior to boarding vessel.

Please be aware the operator and staff, have been vaccinated against COVID19. Clients who have been vaccinated against COVID19 and can show proof of vaccination, shall have priority booking aboard the dive vessel.

NOTE: Before booking any dives with us, please read our Terms and Conditions including Cancellation Policy.

 * Pricing is subject to change at any time.

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Boat Dives - Silver Season Pass

A great opportunity for divers who have not been diving for a while, now want to get back into the Sport. Don't need the Refresher Dive, that's OK!  You can treat a friend to a refresher dive, so they can join you, on some of your scuba diving adventures.
$699.00 incl GST

Ex HMAS Adelaide Boat Dives

Operating every day (weather permitting) trips to dive sites in the surrounding region- Boat dives depart from Terrigal Haven boat ramp, next to the blue "Haven Seafoods" cafe. Bookings are essential.
$120.00 incl GST

Boat Dives - Gold Season Pass

Our Gold pass gives you access to Double boat dives each month with tanks and weights included and fortnightly shores dives
$1,999.00 incl GST

Boat dives- 5 Dive Pass

Buy your boat dives in bulk and save.
$499.00 incl GST

Boat Dives - Platinum Season Pass

Pretty much unlimited diving all year round with tanks and weights included. As with all our passes you can transfer the refresher dive to a friend, so they can join you on some of your dives.
$5,485.00 incl GST

Boat dives- 10 dive Pass

Buy your boat dives in bulk and save.
$960.00 incl GST