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Boating and Jetski

Time spent on the water will develop skills, knowledge and confidence when operating a vessel and help prevent accidents on the waterways.  
In NSW a Boat Licence was made more difficult to obtain from June 1st, 2009. The state law now requires people over 12 years of age to complete theory and practical training prior to operating a powered vessel 10 knots or more (that's an outboard of about 5-6hp)

Boating offers fun, excitement, relaxation and social activity away from our busy lifestyle. Its popularity means more people with more boats, which in turns means more dangers, like collision and swamping.
Most people want to find out how to respond in an emergency and in a timely manner. They want to protect the family, friends and assets, so they choose a registered training organisation and join a boat licence course.

Many recreational skippers have a passion for boats and want to learn more. They join a quick 'practical' course such as advanced boat handling, navigation at night, deckhand, coxswain, sea survival or marine radio to fast track their seamanship skills.

Since 2002, SEA SCHOOL has successfully trained over 13,000 students. Our professional marine educators, along with a straight forward presentation, will help you to achieve a successful result in the Maritime test.

Upon completion of the training, present the Sea School Central Coast Course Completion Report, your identification and payment fee to a NSW RMS office and obtain your boat licence. It’s that simple.

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BLC Jet Ski Licence PWC

To operate a PWC- A special licence is required regardless of whatever speed it is driven. To obtain a PWC licence, you must pass the general licence test before you can attempt the PWC licence test.
$105.00 incl GST $100.00 incl GST

Specialty- Boat Handling Course

Owning a boat is everyone's dream, whether it be a small runabout or a large cabin cruiser. Being able to operate that vessel safely is another skill that you should master.
$525.00 incl GST $395.00 incl GST