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Boots and Gloves

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Mares Classic 3mm Socks

Socks Classic 3mm No sole, double-lined neoprene. Contoured cut, glued and stitched seams.
$29.95 incl GST $25.45 incl GST

Mares Classic NG Boots

Dive Boot NG 5mm Comfortable hard sole boots, engineered to grant the highest control and power transmission during finning action. The neoprene area around the ankle is made of super-elastic material. The lower section, in standard neoprene, ensures warmth and adherence. Rear notch for securing the fin strap in place.
$59.95 incl GST $52.95 incl GST

Mares Flexa DS Boots

Flexa DS 5mm The exclusive design of the sole features a system of drainage grooves (DS Draining System), which prevents the suction effect between boot and foot pocket. Donning and doffing a fin becomes much easier. Ideal for those who have to cover large distances on foot to the dive site.
$95.95 incl GST $81.50 incl GST

Mares Flexa Classic Gloves

The Flexa Classic comes in 3mm thick, double-lined neoprene with a printed palm for added grip!
$44.95 incl GST $38.45 incl GST

Mares Flexa Fit Gloves

The Flexa Fit are a great pair of cold water gloves made from ultrastretch neoprene. With a Glideskin watertight seal and rubber printed palm for better grip! Available in 5mm and 6.5mm thickness.
$59.95 incl GST $50.95 incl GST

Mares Flexa Touch Gloves

The 2mm Flexa Touch glove offers maximum dexterity and warmth.
$45.95 incl GST $39.00 incl GST