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Zip money means you can OWN IT NOW!

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Own it now, pay later  

Say 'goodbye' to wishing and waiting. Say 'hello' to owning and loving it. 

All products online and instore are available to purchase with Zipmoney.

Set up your own account on the link below- apply for your zip account and make as many purchases as you want, up to your limit.


Payment flexibility

Everyone’s different. That’s why ZIP lets you tailor your payments to suit your lifestyle.


Interest free

Every purchase you make with Zip is interest free.
Online or instore, every time, every day.

How it works

Shop it.
Own it. 
Interest free.

Do more, enjoy more, experience more.

Own your freedom, your wellness, your

personal style. Simply checkout with Zip and pay

later. Get that sofa, that outfit, take that trip. It’s your life, we’ll

help you own it.

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