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Courses - Master Diver Bundle 3

$1,699.00 incl GST
Are you looking for a specialty courses bundle package suited to your diving pleasure?
Manufacturer: SSI

Join the Master Diver Challenge today! 

Are you looking for the ultimate specialty dive course bundle package, ever put together for your diving pleasure?
Enjoy diving deeper, staying longer or enjoying the physics side of diving?

Become a real diver – have FUN… Gain knowledge, experience new ways of diving.

Today, I challenge you to become the BEST diver you can, by taking the  MASTER DIVER CHALLENGE!

Our passion is to make divers of every certification level and ability, into a committed diver.
The recreational pathway towards this goal is to achieve the highly sought after MASTER DIVER CERTIFICATION -

The HIGHEST recreational recognition in scuba diving,awaits you!

Become a MASTER DIVER, complete four speciality courses along with the Diver Stress and Rescue program and complete a minimum of fifty logged dives.

Your Pro-Dive Master Diver course include all materials, training, diving and certification plus, all courses can be completed up to six months from purchase.

You will enjoy the following courses:

  • Deep Diver  
  • Nitrox
  • Science of Diving
  • First Aid
  • Stress & Rescue

To register for the MASTER DIVER CHALLENGE
Purchase your Master Diver bundle kit.
Register a profile for SSI dive courses. click here
Complete your courses and have fun.,

            Master Diver challenge

Bonus FREE Options
FREE Double Boat Dive
Specialist Diver certification
Advanced Diver certification 
Master Diver Certification