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COVID19 Policy


We are amidst a very challenging time and dealing with something that has not been seen before in our lifetime.  At this point in time we have to consider the needs of our customers and also the needs of our staff and their families.  With this in mind Pro-Dive has endeavoured to create a fair policy to deal with this never before seen situation, which is also in line with the rest of the travel and tourism industry.  


This policy applies to ALL bookings made up to 30 August 2021 on all dive training courses and local intrastate dive trips booked directly with us.

Customers who have booked courses and have due concerns over the Coronavirus, wishing to cancel their booking can do so anytime up to 48 hours prior to the course start date.  

At this point the participants will be provided with a Gift Certificate equal to the value of their course less any out of pocket expenses incurred I.E. Online learning programs or hardcopy materials.

If you are ill or may have been exposed, you may cancel anytime up to the start date of your course, all rebooking fees will be waived and a Gift Certificate to the value stated above will be issued.

If you choose not to show up without notifying us in advance, you will forfeit your entire booking.

The Gift Certificates issued will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue and should the need arise due to the evolving nature of this situation, we will consider honouring them beyond that time.

This credit is also transferrable within the 12 month period, and the recipient will get the remainder of time available to you, if you wish to transfer your Gift Certificate you need to notify us in writing of the new recipients name, phone number and email address.

Notifications are to be made to

Travellers who may not be able to use the credit, can check with their travel insurance companies for coverage which may be an option for policies started prior to the Pandemic or can sell/transfer their credit to another person.

Pro-Dive hopes this situation clears up very quickly- Please keep in mind, our utmost concern is with you as our valued client and our own staffs’ health.

Please call the Dive Centre on 02 4389 3483 should you require any assistance.

Yours sincerely

Bob Diaz  
Managing Director