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MARES CR25X twin setup -

Old price: $4,106.00 incl GST
$3,615.00 incl GST
All the gear to plan and execute tek-reational dives, in a complete setup.
Manufacturer: Mares

Are you ready to live with unforgettable emotions?

The new Mares XR tek-reational diving equipment will help you to achieve your diving goals safely, easily and more enjoyable.

ProDive has all your Extended Range of diving equipmment in stock, waiting for you... 

Comes as part of a complete technical set including:

- 2 x CR Second Stages
- 2 x 25XR First Stages
- 2 x hoses (56cm - 210cm)
- 1 x Neck Regulator Bungee
- 1 x Dead Bolt Snap
Left and Right side configuration
HD Stainless steel 3mm rigged backplate system
56cm SPG  
20Kg Donut Bladder Twin Tank 


Also includes:

Twin 12.2 Lt, 232 Bar steel cylinders 
Left and Right valves
Shutoff Manifold 
Stainless Steel bands & fittings