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Create your own XR package

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Customise and create your own personal eXtended Range package, based upon your personal needs and budget!
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Your eXtended Range pack- Your way!

Create, design and build your own eXtended Range dive package!

There are so many different variations of eXtended Range dive equipment, you can become easily confused.
Use this helpful guide to build your own Mares eXtended Range package, to your own specifications.

Select your own primary air delivery system including primary regulator and Alternate Air Source that pairs to your first stage, based upon your diving needs.
Now select a Back plate and Harness along with a Wing or Donut, that really meets your diving needs. Then decide upon a dedicated dive computor or perhaps, a set of pressure gauges to fulfil your information system.

All Mares dive products are designed with the diver in mind! 

Do your research, check out the varieties and settle upon your best eXtended Range oufit, to suit your safe diving needs, your budget and pricing!