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Dive Professional Training

Why choose Pro-Dive for your Professional Level Training?

Becoming a scuba Instructor is a lifestyle choice for some, a career for others and a lifetime achievement for others. You now have the opportunity to become a professional scuba instructor, train locally and work locally! 

Over 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water, and this could be your "office!"

There are thousands of job opportunities worldwide for the next generation of highly qualified Scuba Diving professionals, ready to give consumers their first taste of diving. Stop waiting to turn your passion into a career and start living your dream!

PRODIVE has been a market leader in the dive industry for over 50 years and during this time we have taught more people to dive, taken more people diving and certified more scuba instructors, divemasters and dive professionals than any other Dive Operator on the Planet.  

PRODIVE Professionals work and manage dive operations throughout the world, from Mirabella in Spain, Greece, Malta, the Red Sea, The Caribbean, Fiji, New Guinea, Fiji, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Maldives, Thailand, Japan, Vanuatu, The Great Barrier Reef, P&O, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Luxury Hotels in Bali, The Philippines, Heron Island, Lizard Island, Daydream Island, Lord Howe Island, as well as Private luxury Dive Boats for the Rich and Famous.  So if PRODIVE can't find you a job, someone is likely to come and find you!

Our PRODIVE Professional Career training centre is located on the beautiful NSW Central Coast, a playground between two major cities in NSW. We are very close to many surf and swimming beaches, national parks, hinterland and mountain ranges. So before you commence training in the morning or afterwards in the afternoon you can take a stroll or a swim and immerse yourself in the Aussie beach or bush culture at any of these wonderful locations.

Make the most of your time.
More importantly, the best shore diving sites on the Central Coast are within 5 to 15 minutes drive away. This means you don't waste two or three  hours travelling from inner city suburbs, to the dive sites and back again, each day.

Our Own Indoor Heated Training Pool - Convenience and Comfort!
Learn your skills in our specially designed Scuba Training Pool, at a balmy 28 degrees C, you will feel warm and comfortable throughout your training and it's available anytime you want to practice any of your skills. No commuting, no lugging heavy equipment, no need to contend for space with lap swimmers, screaming children or blaring public address systems and NO NEED TO RUSH.

Our Own Dive Boat - No Extra Costs, Lots More Diving
Snappy Tom is a twin engined RHIB that was designed and built specifically for diving. 
The boat has a full time crew and runs to a permanent schedule, that is tailored to suit the training programs we conduct.

All of our full time Professional Scuba Programs are conducted at our Dive Centre which features on-site accommodation. This area of the dive centre can only be accessed by the residents so privacy and security is maintained. The accommodation is minutes away from numerous cafes, restaurants, takeaways, bars, nightclubs and cinemas.
There's also a variety of sporting venues nearby such as cricket and football ovals, golf courses, tennis and skate parks, surfing beaches, lake fishing as well as plenty of scenic walks and bicycle tracks. 

The M1 Freeway, your direct route north and south is a few kilometres down the road.

On each of our Full Time Professional Career Programs we offer FREE accommodation for the duration of the course to the first two people who book for each start date.



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Become an Extended Range Professional

Teach Extended Range (XR) diving and become an ambassador for this exciting sport
$0.00 incl GST

Courses Dive Guide

This program gives you the skills and experiences, required to safely lead groups of certified divers.
$1,095.00 incl GST

Courses - Divemaster

The PRODIVE Divemaster rating recognises candidates that have the knowledge and training necessary to perform as a certified assistant.
$1,295.00 incl GST

Courses - eXtended Range Instructor

Turn your passion into a career- stop waiting, start living your dream and become part of an exclusive group of underwater explorers that most people only dream about. Become an Extended Range Instructor.
$1,995.00 incl GST

Assistant Instructor

There is a strong demand in the recreational scuba industry for passionate individuals who can share their love of the sport and the underwater world with others.
$1,295.00 incl GST

Horizon SCR Extended Range Instructor Program

Designed for people pursuing a diving career using the Mares Horizon SCR..
$2,500.00 incl GST

Instructor Preparation Course

To help transition from a Dive Master / Assistant Instructor into an Instructor
$550.00 incl GST

Instructor Training Course

Become a Dive Instructor and discover that teaching other people to dive, is very rewarding!
$1,999.00 incl GST

Courses - Divemaster Crossover

The intent of the SSI Divemaster Crossover program is to provide an orientation to SSI philosophies and procedures to dive professionals from other recognized scuba training agencies. It provides the knowledge and skills needed to conduct SSI programs equivalent to their existing qualifications in a safe and enjoyable manner. Upon completion you will be certified as follows: SSI Divemaster.
$499.00 incl GST

Instructor Crossover

The intent of the SSI Dive Professional Crossover program is to provide an orientation to SSI philosophies and procedures to dive professionals from other recognized scuba training agencies.
$999.00 incl GST

XR Professional Instructor Crossover

An orientation to Extended Range Instructor rating philosophies and procedures, Instructor training standards, the SSI Education System and the Extended Range Instructor scuba skills required in the Extended Range training programs.
Call for pricing

Professional Instructor Program

This course is designed for people interested, in pursuing a career in recreational dive industry. You will be trained in all aspects of running a successful dive centre including, running the compressor and air filling station, servicing diving equipment and retail sales.
$14,295.00 incl GST

Specialty Instructor Package

Instructors are eligible to teach certain specialty courses, after attending Specialty Instructor training seminars.
$799.00 incl GST

Horizon SCR Instructor Program

Designed for people pursuing a diving career using the Mares Horizon SCR..
$2,100.00 incl GST

Divemaster to Instructor ProgramCourses -

Designed specifically for divers who want to progress to professional level training.
$6,627.00 incl GST

Fast Track Adventure Diver to Instructor Program

Designed specifically for people who are short on time and have the prerequisite number of dives to qualify for professional level training.
$5,399.00 incl GST

Scuba Master

The PRODIVE "Scuba Master Career Program" is the diving equivalent of a super-sized mega meal - It is guaranteed, to leave you feeling satisfied.
$12,765.00 incl GST $8,991.00 incl GST