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NSW Central Coast- Scuba Diving, Freediving and Spear fishing tours.

Here is the resource to check out dive courses, social Boat dives & FREE local, Dive Guide escorted shore dives-

We have over a dozen different shore dive sites, available for all divers no matter your level of training.

Don't feel left out-

Certified divers from all areas and agencies SSI, YMCA, RAID, PADI, BSAC or whomever, are all welcome to join us.

See below our range of:

  • Escorted shore dives 
  • Escorted night dives 
  • Scuba Skills updates
  • Reef boat dives
  • Freediving tours
  • Professional Diver courses and much more.

All you need to do, is call 02 4389 3483 to book a dive.

Don’t have a Dive Buddy?

This is not a concern as your Dive Guide will organise a dive buddy for you.

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