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Mares was born in Italy in 1949 when Ludovice Mares designed and manufactures his first mask.  He had a passion to share his love of diving with as many people as possible by offering them comfortable and affordable equipment to enjoy the underwater world, just like he did.  Starting in a small factory he never imagined that 60 years later Mares would become the worldwide leader in production and distribution of scuba diving equipment.  As scuba diving grew around the world in the late 60s, the company expanded in to the European market.  Today Mares has presence in over 80 countries all around the world including here in Australia.

Within the Mares company are many different products not only for scuba diving but also spearfishing, snorkelling and swimming. Obviously Scuba diving equipment is their forte and they know exactly what they are doing with every single product being a huge hit within the industry. Hard ware including Regulators, Computers and BCDs rule the market today along with the soft ware of masks, snorkels and fins, boots, gloves, bags and so many more products.

Mares spearguns and accessories are another hit and are known to be amazing quality, durable and reliable. Their soft ware, masks and fins are at great price points and because of this, Mares are a number one pick when it comes to these items.

Mares rule the Snorkeling world! With a wide variety of mask and snorkel sets, fins and wetsuits, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a cheap set for a one time use or a great quality set to keep forever; Mares have it. 


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