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For extra therrmal protection in all temperatures a Drysuit is a necessity!

The main purpose of a scuba diving drysuit, is to ensure divers are kept dry plus, provide thermal insulation or passive thermal protection to the wearer, whilst you are underwater.

You don’t need to explore Antarctica or other icy underwater worlds to enjoy the comfort of diving in a scuba drysuit, but Dry suits do provide divers with unparalleled warmth and comfort during a dive, as well as leaving you nice and dry between and after dives.

Pro-Dive offers you many styles of drysuits, undergarments, boots, gloves and all the thermal accessories you may require, to explore in comfort and warmth.

Pro-Dive have been using drysuits for many years, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our drysuit team or come and see us in the dive centre.

We sell Mares Kevlar Bi Laminates, the full range of Waterproof suits and accessories- as well as Apollo.

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Mares XR1 Kevlar Drysuit With Silicone Seals- Pro-Dive Central Coast

Extend your range with the new superlight, breathable, practically indestructible Kevlar drysuit with an enhanced design which offers maximum flexibility and is lightweight.
$2,599.00 incl GST $2,299.00 incl GST

Mares XR3 Drysuit

Made from tough high density, hyper-flexible neoprene, this a great drysuit for new drysuit divers.
$1,299.00 incl GST

Drysuit- D10 PRO ISS 3.5mm

Loaded with features this suit brings it all.
$2,989.00 incl GST $2,659.00 incl GST

Drysuit- D1X Hybrid

The D1X Drysuit is the new generation amazing suits based on the famous D1 Hybrid Waterproof developed, patented and released a couple of years ago.
$4,399.00 incl GST $3,995.00 incl GST

Drysuit- D7X Nylotech

Since it’s introduction the Waterproof D7 has been the prime choice of drysuit wearers within, the advanced diving community,
$4,099.00 incl GST $3,699.00 incl GST

Drysuit- D9X Breathable

The new D9X Breathable Drysuit is Waterproofs answer to the growing demand for a light traveler, tropical and snorkelling drysuit
$2,995.00 incl GST $2,675.00 incl GST