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Adelaide FAQ

When was the former warship HMAS ADELAIDE scuttled as an artificial reef?

The ex HMAS Adelaide was scuttled on April 13th, 2011.


When is the best season to dive the HMAS Adelaide?

March to September, during our Autumn or Winter. Expect calmer water with very little swell due to the Westerly Winds- Water temp is around 17 to 18 degrees. Some years we experience a few weeks with lower than normal water temperatures around 15 to 16 degrees in late June or early July.  Visibility ranges up to 40 metres.

Around October, Spring and Summer the air and water temperatures begin to warm up, during Summer the afternoon north easterly winds occur and this can make diving the east coast a little uncomfortable after lunchtime.  Visibility ranges from 15 to 30 metres.

Following severe storms, the local ocean water is obviously very dirty and the visibility around the wreck becomes very low, around two to four metres.

Check the dive reports on Facebook ProDive Central Coast


How deep is the Adelaide?

The ex HMAS Adelaide lies in 35 metres of water. The top of the mast is at 14 metres, Top deck is 25 metres, the main deck is 29 metres and the sand is 35 metres. You can access deeper inside the Adelaide to 39 metres.


What level of diver rating is required?

Advanced Open water divers with a minimum of ten dives post course with two being in the last six months.


I have not scuba dived within six months, can I do a refresher dive?

Yes, ProDive offer Refresher and Skills Update courses weekly.


Do you offer extended dive times?

Yes, suitably trained and qualified technical divers are offered, extended dive times. Please arrange when you book.


Can I rent or hire dive equipment?

Yes, you can rent scuba gear.


What are the boat dive and rental rates?

Item Price
Single Boat dive with no rental scuba gear $60
Single Boat dive with one rental cylinder $75
Single Boat dive with one rental Nitrox32 cylinder $80
Single Boat dive with rental scuba gear $125
Single boat dive with rental scuba gear plus Nitrox32 $130
Double Boat dive with no rental scuba gear $110
Double Boat dive with one rental cylinder $125
Double dive with two rental air cylinders $140
Double boat dive with rental scuba gear $185
Double Boat dive with one Nitrox32 rental $130
Double Boat dive with two Nitrox32 cylinders $150 
Double Boat dive with rental scuba gear plus two Nitrox32 tanks $195 


People visiting the ex HMAS Adelaide site require an entry permit for an additional cost of $18 per day available from Central Coast Tourism.  Alternatively, we can arrange the relevant permits for you upon request.


What marine life can I expect to see?

Swarms of marine life now call the Adelaide home. You will see large Yellow Tail Kingfish, Bream, Trevally, inquisitive Mados, Silver Sweep swimming around the structure whilst Sergeant Bakers and several Moray eels have found refuges along with several Wobbegong sharks.

Several times a year the site is visited by a school of Jewfish with several Grey Nurse sharks dropping in, for a break.


How many dives will be required to explore the wreck?

To fully explore the entire ship, you will need to do around 25 dives. The HMAS Adelaide has three top deck levels and four below deck levels. There is a junior Sailors cafe with several corridors leading to other parts of the ship. A galley, Sick Bay, gigantic gearbox, open Bridge as well as the forward and aft decks along with machinery spaces, open covered areas and helicopter hangars. You can always sit and watch the fish life that is constantly moving and evolving over time.


Are shore dives available to the Adelaide?

NO! The ex HMAS Adelaide lies a short five minute boat ride from Terrigal Haven, that would acquaint to a one or two hour swim.


Are Night boat dives available?

At this point in time Night Dives are not available. ProDive Central Coast will organise night dives to suitably qualified divers as soon as time allows.


Can I plan a weekend of wreck and reef dives?

We have over 429 dive sites up and down the coast so check our dive calendar for dive sites. Group bookings to different sites are available every day of the week.

Some of our wreck sites include:

  • Nerong at 43m
  • Kiama at 45m
  • Galava at 51m

Reef sites include:

  • The Pinnacle 19 to 30m
  • Entrance Bommie 10 to 30m
  • First point 14 to 30m
  • Too many others to list . . .


Can I book online?

Certainly, go to our HMAS Adelaide page, all information is available and a phone call away.

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