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Horizon SCR

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The Mares Horizon was designed with all levels of diver in mind.
Manufacturer: Mares
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There is a NEW recreational rebreather, coming to town! 

The decades of expertise behind MARES and rEvo rebreathers have combined, to create a unique recreational, semi-closed Nitrox rebreather that uses electronic technology, to deliver a constant flow of Nitrox gas to the diver.  

Designed with one clear purpose: Simplicity!

Today, divers are seeking a rebreather that is:

  • A revolutionary approach  
  • Travel friendly  
  • Lightweight  
  • Easy to use system  
  • Natural to dive with  
  • Designed with all levels of diver in mind  
  • Developed to provide the utmost security.

The stand out feature lies in ithe Horizons' compact size, weighing only 12 kgs and designed to be used with standard side slung or stage nitrox dive cylinders along with two one kilo scrubber canisters, that use 797 sorb, which is readily available in most popular dive areas around the world.

All this combined- makes this unit very travel friendly!

Key Features

  • Full colour, high contrast dive computer screen  
  • User adaptable gradient factor decompression algorithm  
  • Two independent oxygen sensors  
  • Constant oxygen fraction supplied to the diver (adjustable during diving)  
  • In case of failure the Horizon reverts automatically to full nitrox breathing 
  • Allowed nitrox mix: minimum 30%, maximum 99%  
  • Minimum flow rate: 5 lt/min, maximum flow rate: 25 lt/min 
  • Two 1 kg scrubber canisters that are easily user refillable 
  • Approved scrubber material: Sofnolime 797  
  • Three sets of redundant electronics  
  • Approved to 40 metres  
  • Fully adjustable harness system, from XS to XXL

Easy to setup, transport, dive and maintain- because every component of the unit is accessible by the user.


Should you like a Try Dive using a Horizon SCR before purchase, simply visit or drop into our Diamond Training Centre, to learn how you can start today!

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