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Horizon SCR Course

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SCR diving is an amazing way to increase your skillset and to experience the underwater world in a totally new way.
Manufacturer: Mares


Learning to dive with a Semi Closed Rebreather is easier than you think!

Are you looking to discover a whole new world of silence, with bubble free diving?

Pro-Dive Rebreather training programs are the perfect way to increase your knowledge and skills, whilst learning how to safely use the new semi-closed or closed-circuit rebreather equipment. 

Our rebreather programs uses a globally-recognised Total Teaching System, which includes the digital learning materials and proven instructional techniques, this process ensures you have a safe, fun and exciting learning experience.

SCR Extended Range programs train you to be a well-prepared, capable, and autonomous SCR diver.

You will learn the theory needed to safely dive with an SCR unit, how to select your SCR Total Diving System, and how to plan safe and fun dives, that maximise the benefits of an SCR.

The SCR Horizon course has two levels:

Level 1:

Plan and conduct non decompression dives using as single cylinder to a maximum depth of 30 metres.  

Level 2:

Allows you to dive to 40 metres using two cylinders and limited decompression. 

This program is intended to be a fun and challenging learning experience. It combines foundational knowledge with real-world examples that train you to make intelligent, informed decisions.

Simply visit or drop into our Diamond Training Centre, to learn how you can start today!