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Horizon SCR Try Dive

$85.00 incl GST
Looking to purchase a rebreather, but uncertain if rebreather diving is right for you!
Manufacturers: Mares , SSI
Delivery date: 3-5 days

Are you ready to leave your heavy scuba tank behind?

For scuba divers seeking to leave their large scuba tanks behind, sign up for a Try SCR Diving experience today!

The Horizon Try SCR experience offers you an introductory experience using the Mares Horizon semi-closed rebreather, in a pool / confined water environment.

During the introductory SCR course, you will try a revolutionary semi-closed rebreather with a system that is easy to use, natural to dive and purposely designed with all levels of diver in mind.

The Mares Horizon is in a class of its own, amongst scuba rebreathers.

Pro-Dive Central Coast Rebreather training is the perfect way to increase your knowledge and skills, whilst at the same time, learning how to safely use the new semi-closed rebreather equipment.

Learning to dive with a Semi Closed Rebreather is easier than you think!

Our rebreather programs use a globally-recognised Total Teaching System, which includes digital learning materials and proven instructional techniques. This process ensures you have a safe, fun and exciting learning experience.

The "Try rebreather" experience is intended to be a fun and enjoyable learning experience.
It combines foundational knowledge with real-world examples that allow you to make intelligent, informed purchase decisions.

Simply visit or drop into our Diamond Training Centre, to learn how you can start today!

Enjoy a new experience diving with fewer bubbles, improved buoyancy and increased dive time.

The Mares Horizon semi-closed rebreather is the perfect companion for avid photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.
Get up close and personal with marine life; Try SCR Diving today!


Mares SC Rebreather
Pool costs,  
Tanks/weights, nitrox fills, Sorb, 



Equipment requirements:

Your personal exposure system, mask snorkel, fins and boots.

Should you decide to purchase your Horizon Semi Closed Rebreather from us within 3 months, we will deduct this experience fee, from your final purchase.