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How to Thread a Soft Cam Band Tank Strap Buckle

Nothing strikes fear into a scuba diver more than discovering that the cam bank buckle on BCD they are about to assemble has come loose.  The cam band is often taken for granted by new and experienced divers alike and it pays to learn how yours goes together.

The following instructions show just how easy it is to assemble this simple but vitally important item of scuba equipment and it's worth learning the process and practicing until it becomes second nature.  Sure, there are usually numbers stamped on the buckle showing which bit goes where but there is no substitute to knowledge and practice.



Step 1

Following the arrow (1) insert the end of the belt starting from the inner side towards the external part of the buckle (between the sewn stirrup and the moving part) From the external side follow the arrow and go back to the inner side between the arrows (3 and 4).



Step 2

Pass through the opening marked by the arrow (3) and let the belt glide back through the opening marked by arrow (1).



Step 3

At this point stretch firmly in the indicated direction, so to let the belt firmly adhere to the tank.  You can work the buckle up and down to help apply tension to the belt if needed,




Step 4

Keep the belt stretched, follow the arrow (4) and go back to the external side.  Holding the buckle up at this point can assist in keeping the tension on the tank band.


Step 5

Pull firmly and let the buckle overturn.


Step 6

The buckle will close with a sharp snap, locking the BCD onto the tank.


Step 7

Fix the end of the belt to the Valcro strip sewn onto the belt.  You can now test for tightness by grabbing the BCD handle and shaking to determine if the tank is safely secured.