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Innovation in Mares wetsuit design

Innovation in Mares wetsuit design


Seal Skin, 2ndSkin Shorty, Scuba Ranger, Dual, Reef, and Reef Shorty, as well as Coral, Gold Skin and Rash Guard 80: represent a surge of new wetsuits and under suits from Mares. 

Being a market leader means continuing to improve, optimize and develop new products non-stop. This is the approach Mares take: Mares have expanded and perfected their range of diving wetsuits by incorporating innovative design that also identifies various models and neoprene thicknesses using a specific color code.  

For example, the red neoprene panels on the Dual indicate a suit for temperate waters, while the white on the Reef, Reef Shorty, and Coral instantly convey that the products are specifically for tropical waters and that the neoprene ranges from 0.5 to 3 mm thick.

Blue identifies wetsuits for cold water, such as the revolutionary Seal Skin suit, which encapsulates all the technology and expertise  accrued at Mares over the years. 

This wetsuit is designed to deliver the very best thermal comfort: it's made using 6mm Ultra stretch neoprene, all the stitching features S-Seal coating, and the unique rear S-Lock zipper has waterproof properties including a coating that reduces water entry. 

Thanks to these features, Seal Skin offers unbeatable protection from the cold.

Thermal comfort is always important, and the choice of high-tech materials made it possible to provide excellent performance even with the thinnest of neoprene. For example, the interior of the Coral and 2ndSkin Shorty is Metalite. This innovative material with heat-reflective properties maintains and restores body heat, offering better thermal comfort compared to traditional 1.5 and 0.5mm wetsuits.  

In the design process of these new wetsuits, Mares included a series of innovations that combine comfort, usability, and style, bringing a series of top products to the market.


Mares attention to detail often makes the difference, especially when it comes to designing wetsuits that will be comfortable over the long term. For example, in the Seal Skin, Dual, and 2ndSkin Shorty suits, the Glide Skin seal at the wrists and ankles offers an excellent fit, which is also enhanced by the use of an ergonomic closure at the neck in nearly all models.

The 2ndSkin Shorty particularly lives up to its name: the 1.5mm ultra stretch neoprene and convenient front zipper, paired with the ergonomic closure and Glide Skin, really make it feel like you're wearing a second skin.

Mares introduced different features depending on intended use: Seal Skin and Dual are designed for dives in cold or temperate waters, featuring reinforcements on the stitching and the material of the knee pads, protecting against accidental scrapes and scratches.  While the Coral and Reef – (also ideal for other water sports) - have a comfortable anti-slip area on the shoulders. Lastly, the seal on these suits, including the Reef Shorty, have been perfected with the Aquastop finish.

 Comfort describes the Scuba Ranger; a two-piece suit dedicated to the smallest divers: the long-sleeved jacket and sleeveless Farmer John combo come with zippers at the ankles and hood (sold separately), making the product very versatile because it can adapt easily depending on various water temperatures. Additionally, Mares constructed this suit in 5mm neoprene, but also use different thicknesses in strategic locations offering maximum freedom of movement during the dive. 


Relying on their vast experience, the Seal Skin and Dual wetsuits provide a grip area on both wrists to provide a secure spot for your instruments. Seal Skin also features a buckle with a D-ring on the leg, securing the detachable hood and keeping it within easy reach. The ring can also be used for the optional Flexa Smart pocket.

In terms of usability, the new UPF Block 80+ Rash Guard from Mares, is worth a mention for its innovation. Available in 3 versions, all with long sleeves (Man, She Dives, and Junior), it is made using certified materials and stands out from the other Mares Rash Guards (UPF 50+) guaranteeing UPF 80+ protection, from ultraviolet rays. 


Beautiful, elegant, and modern. The new Mares wetsuits and under-suits are crafted with attention to every detail. In the kids line, the lime shoulders and zipper on the Scuba Ranger jacket will undoubtedly delight.

The blue neoprene inserts on the Seal Skin are echoed in many of its technical details - stitching, grip area, zippers at the neck and ankles - giving it a very elegant look. While the anti-slip area on the shoulders of Reef, Reef Shorty, and Coral are in line with the white panels, giving it a modern flair.  

The Gold Skin sleeveless undersuit is the essence of style par excellence: available in Man or She Dives versions with a special backstitching, it's constructed of 2mm neoprene with an open cell interior and Glide Skin coating, creating an especially elegant and modern effect. It's certain to become the next must-have item.

So much is new for Mares suits: divers will be spoiled for choice!



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