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Hawaii may seem like an unusual place for an international corporation to be based but its deep oceans, tall mountains and 11 of the worlds 13 climatic zones make it a Sportsperson’s Paradise. Honolulu is where Intova was born and the islands are the crucible in which ideas are developed and tested. We don’t just make the products; we use them-created for sportspeople by sportspeople.

Intova was founded in 1995 as an offshoot of a company whose roots in the photo industry extend back to 1982. The mission has always been to deliver products that offered great value; high quality, low cost, unique feature sets.The drive to innovation has led to many industry firsts and a growing family of Intova users. Starting with low cost Snap Sights cameras, Intova grew into the digital camera arena, HD video, waterproof electronics and a robust range of waterproof flashlights.

Currently, Intova products are sold around the world by a steadily increasing number of distribution and retail partners. Primary warehouse facilities are located in California and Hong Kong with administrative HQ in Honolulu. Many exciting new models are in the pipeline and there is a constant drive to improve existing models.

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Intova Hyperion FL1000 Torch

Great for recreational sport diving including as a primary or back up night diving light
$149.00 incl GST $139.00 incl GST

INTOVA X-Adventure M650 dive light

The X-Adventurer M650 is an ideal light for all water sport and outdoor usage.
$99.00 incl GST $84.15 incl GST

Intova HD2 camera

Capture high-definition 1080p video and stunning photos in low-light with a camera that is built tough, to handle the harsh marine environment
$259.00 incl GST $189.00 incl GST

INTOVA Action Video light

Compact, lightweight and ergonomic- A great complement to any video camera.
$169.00 incl GST $154.00 incl GST

I-DIVE Black Star BS30 Video Light

3000 lumen Mono LED video light with a 110 degree beam which provides a “shadow free” light source for better image coverage.
$579.00 incl GST $499.00 incl GST

I-DIVE Fish-Lite V12

A great Focus light for any Underwater Camera System.
$199.00 incl GST $180.00 incl GST