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Liquidskin technology

I earlier read a great article about the invention of LiquidSkin technology by Mares, you can read the article below.

Prior to the LiquidSkin era, the entire mask skirt was composed of a single type of silicone, which depending on the material thickness – was more or less comfortable. As a compromise, a material with medium-viscosity was used, ensuring the skirt shape has stability and reasonable sealing qualities.


Bi-Silicone technology put an end to this compromise! LiquidSkin utilizes two different types of silicone; a very soft and flexible material where the mask comes into contact with the face (45% softer and 270% more elastic than traditional silicone), and a material that is approximately 30% harder for structural stability.
Both silicone components are tightly fused / molded together. The advantages are tremendous; fit cannot be matched, comfort is unsurpassed, and sealing is unparalleled.

No more red marks or lines around the face, easier equalizing, and less leaking due to mediocre fit. LiquidSkin is truly a revolutionary breakthrough in diving.

The wheel of innovation keeps turning: At first sight, the newly designed X-Vision LiquidSkin is unique and stands apart from the rest. New colors are vibrant and match perfectly with Mares’ fins and snorkels.

When wearing the mask, you will immediately notice the field of vision is 20% wider as a result of improved mask geometry. In terms of comfort, you will find a “shock absorption” in the nose area. Small Lamellae provide soft cushioning, preventing unpleasant marks and discomfort caused by pressure from the frame.

Inside the mask, a drainage system ensures clear sight at the bottom. Our wide, soft head strap with Bi-Silicone insets lend to easy and very secure mask placement. These insets also provide a consistent fit, while the new buckles allow for intuitive and effortless strap adjustments.

The new LiquidSkin is a real "head-turner"; coincidentally, the jury at the most important designer awards, "reddot design award 2013" thought so as well.

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