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Local Diving

The Central Coast has a range of scuba diving sites from local shore dives to boat dives visiting any of the huge number of reefs and wreck dives including the ex-HMAS Adelaide near Terrigal.  Join our club dives and experience a range of sites the Central Coast has on offer.

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Ex HMAS Adelaide Boat Dives

Operating every day (weather permitting) trips to dive sites in the surrounding region- Boat dives depart from Terrigal Haven boat ramp, next to the blue "Haven Seafoods" cafe. Bookings are essential.
$120.00 incl GST

Boat Dives - Silver Season Pass

A great opportunity for divers who have not been diving for a while, now want to get back into the Sport. Don't need the Refresher Dive, that's OK!  You can treat a friend to a refresher dive, so they can join you, on some of your scuba diving adventures.
$699.00 incl GST

Club Diving

Escorted Club shore dives- Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
$0.00 incl GST

Wreck Dive - Nerong

Coastal collier that sank in September 1917 located three nautical miles off Norah Head Lighthouse on sand. She lies at a depth of 51 metres.
$70.00 incl GST

Wreck Dive - Speedwell

The Speedwell lies at a depth range of 8 to 14 metres, an easy dive when conditions allow.
$60.00 incl GST

Wreck Dive - SS Galava

Lying 3 nautical miles off Terrigal, the Galava is an impressive dive. Due to the depth at 51 metres this dive is suitable for experienced divers only.
$70.00 incl GST

Wreck Dive - SS Kiama

A 446-ton, collier that steamed down the NSW coast on its regular journey between Newcastle and Sydney. She sank in 1951 and currently lies in 45 metres of water.
$70.00 incl GST

Wreck Dive - SS Paterson

Lying in 8-10 metres of water, this is a dive anyone can do.
$60.00 incl GST

Boat Dives - Gold Season Pass

Our Gold pass gives you access to Double boat dives each month with tanks and weights included and fortnightly shores dives
$1,999.00 incl GST

Boat dives- 10 dive Pass

Buy your boat dives in bulk and save.
$960.00 incl GST

Boat dives- 5 Dive Pass

Buy your boat dives in bulk and save.
$499.00 incl GST

Guided Shore Dive COVID19

Personal One on One local area guided dive during COVID19.
From $165.00 incl GST

Boat Dives - Platinum Season Pass

Pretty much unlimited diving all year round with tanks and weights included. As with all our passes you can transfer the refresher dive to a friend, so they can join you on some of your dives.
$5,485.00 incl GST

Zero-One Below

The full story of the decade-long struggle to secure the ex-HMAS Adelaide
$30.00 incl GST $20.00 incl GST