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Knife Mares Hero

The Hero spearfishing knife is a super-compact knife with ergonomic grip handle and special holes designed to free shafts if stuck in rocks. The stainless steel blade is treated with PVD to prevent rusting and the length is 60mm (135mm including the handle).
$49.95 incl GST $44.95 incl GST

Mares 25XR First Stage Regulator

The 25XR first stage is extremely reliable and environmentally sealed- great for keeping out water. With an interchangeable port design to offer perfect SPG instrument positioning.
$429.00 incl GST $369.65 incl GST

Mares Air Control Octopus

The alternative air source from Mares, Air Control, offers the option to use the same hose for the octopus and inflator. The preoriented mouthpiece makes it a suitable substitute for an octopus and the ergonomic shape allows one-handed use!
$349.00 incl GST $295.00 incl GST

Mares Air Nozzle

Now you can use your tank as a source of compressed air
$25.95 incl GST $23.50 incl GST

Mares Antifog 60ml

Prevents the mask lenses from fogging. Manufactured in accordance with the latest regulations.60ml. With Mares Anti Fog you can enjoy your activities without complications.
$22.95 incl GST $19.95 incl GST

Mares Argo Titanium Knife

The Argo features a 3-mm blade with micro-serrations to ensure excellent cutting capacity in any situation. Can be worn on the arm, calf, or belt and includes two elastic Velcro fastening bands.
$59.95 incl GST $55.95 incl GST