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Mares Abyss package

$1,917.00 incl GST
$1,629.00 incl GST
The Mares Abyss 52x Regulator combined with the Bolt BCD- you get a superbly comfortable and streamlined package. Great for travel, it can also support single or double tanks.
Manufacturers: Pro Dive Central Coast , Mares
Delivery date: 3-5 days

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Mares' Bolt BCD is superbly comfortable and streamlined. Great for travel, it can also support single or double tanks.

Abyss 52X 

The Abyss regulator combined with the 52X first stage means the best for a high-calibre set up! The double DFC system provides a consistent airflow.

Abyss Occy

Heavy-duty Octopus for demanding dives 
Nickel and chrome-plated brass case  
Perfect match with All Metal regulator line  

 Great for travel, The Bolt SLS can also support single or double tanks.

Personalise your scuba package with your selection of dive computor or gauges.

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