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Mares EOS 10RZ LED Torch

$307.00 incl GST
The EOS 10RZ is bright, versatile and practically indispensable - perfect on recreational dives.
Manufacturer: Mares
Manufacturer part number: 415671
Delivery date: 3-5 days

Mares EOS 10RZ high power high autonomy, adjustable focusing, rechargeable and a wide beam.
Three High Power LEDs provide up to 1010 lumens of light intensity.
The zoom adjustment system allows you to adjust the light beam down to a very concentrated light.
A magnetic switch gives you control over the light options Full, LOW, and OFF.

Thanks to a and , the torch can be recharged by connecting USB cable to a PC or wall socket.
The torch displays a LED charging indicator to avoid overcharging.

Designed with a smooth tubular handle making this torch easy to use with bare hands or dive gloves.


1010 lumens
Adjustable light intensity
135 minutes of autonomy (at maximum power)
integrated rechargeable battery
usb charging cable
LED charging indicator
large bright beam
multifunctional magnetic switch, with safety;
four modes: lit, low, intermittent, off
use with one hand
tubular grip
Adjustable wrist strap