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Mares Epic 82X Silver package

$3,799.00 incl GST
Top quality, top of the line XR system for the XR diver.
Manufacturer: Mares
Delivery date: 3-5 days

XR Epic 82X Silver Pack

The ultimate Mares XR setup.

Enjoy your tek dives, knowing you have the best gear available, that will enable you to forget about your gear and concentrate upon the dive instead! 

The Epic 82X regulator is a balanced diaphragm first-stage, which guarantees reliable, consistent, elite performance at any depth or air pressure supply. 

The Ultra Octopus includes the Mares Twin Power system- made from lightweight techno-polymer. 

Mares Quad Air dive computor with Air integration, upgraded from Smart Air.

Mares heavy duty, stainless steel wing system- perfect for travelling to technical dive destinations

This ultimate tek set includes:

  • Regulator Epic Adjustable PVD w/210cm hose 
  • Octopus Epic adjustable w/ Necklace 
  • 3mm SS Backplate
  • 16 Kg single tank Donut
  • Flat head bolts
  • Nylon tank bands
  • Dead bolt snap 75cm
  • SPG 52 cm
  • Smart Air wrist dive computor   
  • Quad Air Wrist Dive computor upgrade
  • LED Transmitter 
  • Tech Side Weights