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Mares Fluida Fins

$57.95 incl GST
Mares Fluida fins feature a lightweight design that ensures efficient performance in the water without wasting energy.
Manufacturer: Mares
Manufacturer part number: 410313
Delivery date: 3-5 days

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Fluida snorkel fins

Fluida snorkel fins are the result of a combination of design and great technology: this model allows you to achieve great goals in the water. The result of a combination of design and great technology allows you to have fun!

Closed heel fin featuring a light OPB system for easy kicking and a soft foot pocket for comfort.
Durable and ideal for snorkeling and light OPB system for easy kicking efficiency, featuring an ultra-comfortable full pocket.

The Fluida snorkel fins have a comfortable full pocket that is practical and comfortable to wear, holding the foot securely and facilitating movement.
Finning is made easy by the unique lightweight OPB system technology: the result is efficient movement with very little effort.

High quality materials ensure a durable and robust product. 

The main features that make the Fluida fin ideal for all diving adventures are: 

  • Comfortable full pocket 
  • Design and technology for great performance. 
  • Light OPB system for easy kicking efficienty  
  • Durable materials and robust product over time