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Mares Kaila SLS, Prestige 15X scuba pack

$1,767.00 incl GST
$1,499.00 incl GST
Superbly comfortable and stable, yet tough and durable Kaila BC with the new prestige 15X regulator and air control.
Manufacturers: Pro Dive Central Coast , Mares
Delivery date: 3-5 days

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Kaila SLS BC- All of the main characteristics of the Kaila have been developed for even greater comfort and stability combined with excellent fit and performance .

The Mares Prestige 15X first stage is compact and reliable, meeting divers demands at any depth, with a second stage made of ultralight technopolymer. The large purge button is effortless to use with gloves, and the VAD system provides excellent breathing - a great regulator!

Prestige Occy
The latest technologies for easy, natural breathing at any depth are featured in the Prestige octopus! Includes a soft, easy to use purge and VAD system!

Personalise your scuba package with your selection of dive computor or gauges.

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