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Mares LED tank module

$299.00 incl GST
Transmits pressure value detected on the tank, directly to the integrated Mares dive computer.
Manufacturer: Mares

Mares LED Tank Module Transmitter

The Led Tank Module pressure module allows you to transmit the pressure value detected on the tanks directly to the integrated Mares dive computers.

The probe has a flashing LED that indicates the gas pressure using colour codes: green for over 180 bar, yellow at 100 bar and red below 50 bar, allowing the module to be used as a pressure gauge even when on the surface.

Through the use of the Mares Sonda HP Wireless Module Tank LED, the integrated dive computer is able to provide you with the real consumption in litres once the cylinder volumes have been set, thus optimising bottom times according to the decompression gas supply.

The main features of the Led Tank Module are:

  • Transmits tank information
  •  Coloured LED for a quick check of the tank on the surface 
  • Coloured LED to signal low air situations to your buddy during the dive 
  • Storage of computer/probe pairing 
  • En250:2014 certified to 300 bar 
  • Battery type: cr123a, user-replaceable".

Compatible with the following Mares dive computors;

  • Genius
  • Quad Air
  • Smart Air