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Pure CR 25X Light Side mount set

$2,498.00 incl GST
The fully modular style, makes the Mares XR Pure Light Side mount set a must have, for all tek-reational Side mount divers wanting an outstanding lightweight, twin regulator, tek set.
Manufacturer: Mares
Manufacturer part number: 417547+416403+414601
Delivery date: 3-5 days

Mares Pure Light Side Mount Set 

Nothing sdtays the same and this awesome package, is designed for the ever evolving diver! 

CR25X Twin Regulator Set

Possesses the same VAD system which is a bypass tube that separates some of the air flow to create a vortex in the 2nd stage for a smoother breathe. This will make a huge difference to your diving as you will not use as much air if you feel that you are receiving enough air flow. 

Slightly negatively buoyant with a large purge button for easy access- This regulator has a high performing second stage and gives you stable flow. 

The main feature to the CR is the front cover can be opened underwater- which is ideal for cave and cold water diving. 

Manufactured from durable, strong polymer which is light weight, thus preventing any jaw fatigue.

Pure Light BC complete 

The fully modular trim style makes the Mares XR Pure Light Sidemount Bladder best suited for use in caves, open water and/or wreck diving situations, in both warm and colder waters.

The Mares XR Pure Light Sidemount Bladder boasts a preformed shape dedicated to sidemount diving, with a generous 10 kg lift, the bladder maintains a flat surface, even when fully inflated.

All metal fittings are made from the highest quality, 316 marine grade Stainless Steel for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. With a 10 kg lift capacity, the cell is constructed using 1200 denier bulletproof, ballistic nylon with a 600 denier polyester exterior.

Two Submersible Pressure gauges

Miflex Xtreme-hi + hoses offer added benefits to divers with high quality manufacturing and added features including a burst pressure rating of over 1,500 bar and are supplied as standard with factory fitted shock absorbers, which increase resistance to impact, as well as acting as a retaining plug within some SPG consoles.