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Mares regulators

Tune-up your Regulator 

All Mares regulators marketed after September 2006 already have it – the new Tri-Material „MRT“ valve for more safety and durability. If you want do something good for your regulator, you can now upgrade it with the new valve. 

Did this ever happen to you?
After one week on a diving vacation your regulator starts to free-flow.

Once again the reason was dirty air caused by corrosion or aluminum mud from soiled tanks. And even more stress factors act on your regulator, especially on the valve system in the first stage, which, under high pressure, can be subject to a real bombardment of dirt particles flying just below sonic speed. The increasingly popular 300 bar technology demands the utmost of a traditional valve system and lets it “age” rapidly. Extreme cold and ice particles additionally stress the sealing surface of the valve.

 Conical sintered filters, which have been in use in almost all mares regulators since 2005, considerably improved the filtering effect and thus the regulator’s lifespan. But still the mares designers were not satisfied. They developed a highly reliable valve, named it “Military Regulator Tri-Material“ (MRT) andput it in circulation for a long-term test.

The new valves were assembled into over 1,000 regulators of professional diving companies, diving schools and dive resorts, from Norway to South Africa, from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean. After 12 months of continuous usage, partly in extreme conditions, the valves were checked for possible damage. The result was more than astounding: not a single (!) valve was damaged or significantly “aged”. The explanation for such indestructibility is the special surface of the valve seat (patented), which consists of three layers (Tri-Material).

The decisive factor for the tightness and longevity of the valve are the two different polyurethane layers (a soft PU layer on top, a hard one below), which, like the reliable principle of a spring, successfully act as a buffer to the impacts of the valve seat and the “bombardment” of the dirt particles. 

For the continuous quality assurance in the production, random samples of the valves are tested in the laboratory for about 40 hours. These tests simulate opening and closing of the tank valve. Another long-term test for quality assurance is carried out in a water basin and simulates normal breathing cycles.

As your local Mares Service Partner, Pro-Dive will gladly service your regulator, to maintain its great performance.  Simply use the annual inspection to have your regulator tuned and working to its optimum levels.

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