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Mares Shorty Mens wetsuit

$79.95 incl GST
The Manta Shorty is the men's short sleeve snorkel wet suit and shorts
Manufacturer: Mares

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Manta Mans Shorty 3mm Wetsuit

Shorty Manta is a short-sleeved snorkeling shorty wetsuit for men.
This wetsuit has a 2.2mm neoprene construction which is ideal for warm waters.
A premium quality product, it is ideal for both experienced adult snorkelers and beginners.
It has a double-lined neoprene structure, and can be worn easily thanks to the back zipper and the zipper puller with locking system. .

Visibility in the water is ensured thanks to the colored back panel. 

The key features of the Shorty Manta Lady snorkeling wetsuit are: 

  • Neoprene thickness of 2.2 mm, perfect in warm water 
  • Double-lined structure 
  • Maximum visibility in the water thanks to the colored back panel 
  • Great wearability 

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