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Mares SMART Wrist Computer

$599.00 incl GST
The Mares Smart Dive Computer is a compact watch sized dive computer.
Manufacturer: Mares
Delivery date: 3-5 days

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Mares Smart Dive Computor

The Smart is the quintessential dive computer!

Add together the superior sharpness of segmented characters, a perfectly laid out display, ergonomic buttons and a slim profile and you'll get the smartest computer on the market! 

  1. Full featured nitrox dive computer with two gas capability
  2. Bottom timer mode with resettable average depth and stopwatch
  3. Logbook capacity in excess of 40 hours of dive profile at 5-second sampling rate (scuba) and memory function for freediving
  4. Decompression dive planner with additional surface interval function n
  5. Upgradeable firmware
  6. Complete watch functions: stopwatch, wake-up alarm, second time zone, date
  7. User-replaceable battery
  8. Freediving mode (apnea) with dedicated alarms

Does not include interface and software for downloading to PC and MAC